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Garry Sorrell Jr.


Pastor Garry started preaching in January 2002. He began pastoring Sandhill FWB Church in May 2005. This is the first and only church he has pastored. Pastor Garry believes the Bible is to be the only ultimate authority in the church, not tradition, denomination or man-made rules. In this modern day Pastor Garry still believes Christians are to live Godly and Biblical lives. Pastor Garry has been married to Sis. Renee since 1989. They have always worked in the ministry together along with their children and their companions: Josh & Jennie Sorrell and CJ & Rachel Hines.

Thomas Hines


   Bro Tom has been a member of Sandhill since August 2006. He soon after became a trustee, and still holds this position. Tom aslo serves in the church running the sound equipment. He was ordained as a deacon in January of 2012. He has been married to Chrissy since October 1992, and they have four children: CJ, Jayme and Lucas along with CJ's wife Rachel.