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Men's Conference 2019

Iron Man

You’re a man. It’s okay to say it.

It may not be popular, politically correct, or appreciated in today’s world- but it’s the truth.

And do you know what men do? Well… men do…manly things. We’re talking shooting firearms, swinging hammers, and cutting down raw wood. This leads to the age ole question that men of every generation has faced- who will be the manliest?

The truth is, men can’t help it. If you lock 2 burly men in a room- give it time and a arm wrestling match, spitting contest, or full out brawl will ensue. Who can lift the most, who can hit the target, who makes the most money, or who has the better ho trod.

Even though these are about as basic of an instinct as a man has-  what if NONE of these things proved you were a true man?

What if the manliest man wasn’t the man who shakes a fist to fight, but the man who humbly shakes the hand of his opponent. What if instead of proving dominance you were dedicated to your fellow man. What if we were servants instead of superior- what if being a man were more meekness than macho?

This is what it takes to be an iron man.

This November, men who don’t back down from a challenge are invited to attend the first ever Men’s Conference 2019. During the conference men will be put to the test through 2 special services, manly games, funny skits, and a man’s meal.

This conference will be held free of charge. For more information call 419-271-4788.


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