Make me a conduit


Sermon Notes

Joshua 3:1-4

I. Recap obstacles
   a. Teaching Bible
      Those who know nothing about the Lord
      Those who have their own truth
      Those who hold to tradition
   b. The Culture
      Doesn’t want Jesus
      Messed up lives
      All the false doctrine that people believe
   c. Our church
      Lack of commitment
      Diverse direction

II. Reason for excitement
   a. This is completely impossible
      God works in the impossible
      God arranges things to be impossible
      We need to know we can’t do this

III. Reliance on Holy Spirit
   a. We have to have supernatural move of God
   b. How would it be if Jesus was here
   c. No program, no talent, no amount of work can do this

IV. Reasonable service
   a. Joshua 1:10-11
   b. We still give our best
   c. Two pastor’s wives


The world should be seeing excellence that's not explained by humans